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What are the main advantages of Teflon's(PTFE) many advantages in ordinary plastics?


Teflon not only has many advantages of ordinary plastics, but also has outstanding performance of engineering plastics. It mainly shows: higher anti-friction performance and self-lubricating performance, stronger anti-extrusion ability and pressure resistance, better anti-UV Aging performance and more stable dimensional stability provide an optimal user experience. Teflon engineering plastics make wheels or rollers to fully exert the pressure resistance, self-lubricating and environmental protection properties of PEEK plastics. Higher than the pressure resistance of metal makes PEEK rollers more suitable for high pressure environment, self-lubricating can save lubricating oil. The maintenance process reduces the cost of use and avoids the risk of secondary pollution of the lubricant.

Teflon has excellent insulating properties. Teflon has low dielectric constant and dielectric loss over a wide frequency range, and high breakdown voltage, insulation resistivity and arc resistance. Environmental and frequency effects, volume resistance up to 1018 ohm·cm, Teflon is widely used as insulation parts and wire insulation for excellent electrical insulation, and is also used in aerospace and other environments. The conditions are relatively bad. Due to its low dielectric constant, low dielectric loss and high electrical strength, Teflon's unique porous structure minimizes loss and distortion and allows signals to be transmitted at near-speed of light with thermal stability and mechanical flexibility. . At the same time, Teflon can also reduce the size and weight of the overall interconnection and is a good filling medium material. Therefore, it is also a very ideal high-frequency dielectric material. Teflon is used as the insulated RF cable, which can withstand the high temperature of 250 °C, so it can greatly improve the working temperature and transmission capacity of the cable.

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