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Fumed silica you don't know in your daily life


I believe we are very familiar with Fuced silica, in our daily life is very common, but in life there are some items containing Fuced silica you still do not know, the following will take you too late to take the Fuced silica application in life.

1, silicone rubber,Fuced silica reaction in silicone rubber, for general silicone rubber need ordinary ultra-fine can, for high quality silicone rubber need low iron (iron high product color yellow, red) products.Low iron products with high oil absorption and large specific surface area are the best choice, which can better react with silicone rubber raw materials.

2, for plastic, plastic products, it is best to need large specific surface area, high oil absorption value of the product, the best need to modify, so that the product wear-resistant, aging resistance, transparency, keep the pigment natural color.

3, hard rubber pad, Fuced silica needs low surface area, low oil absorption value.

4, toothpaste friction agent, also need low oil absorption than the surface of ultra-fine products; And for toothpaste thickener needs high surface oil absorption value.Some people take two intermediate products as a mixture of additives, which is not desirable.

5. For absorbent white carbon black, such as in diapers, products with high oil absorption value are needed, which can better absorb urine instead of absorbent resin.White carbon black gas powder in the use of air extraction, volume compression.

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