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What are the ingredients and functions of water-based color paste?


Water-based color paste and water-based coating are developed with the emergence of people's environmental protection needs.Compared with the traditional solvent - based and oil-based solvent - based coatings, the basic characteristics of water - based coatings lay its position in environmentally friendly coatings.


The advantages and disadvantages of water-based color paste system and its process type are introduced below.There are two kinds of water-based color paste system: one is high pigment content without resin system;The other is a low pigment content resin (general resin or other single resin) system.Among them, the former pigment has high concentration, strong coloring power, good color performance, compatibility and fluidity, which generally does not cause floating color and hair flowers.The latter pigment concentration is relatively low, but has good coloring power, good color transmissibility, fluidity and viscosity is relatively stable, the system contains resin, compatibility needs to be tested otherwise easy to lead to paint floating color flower.In water-based printing ink and coating, water as solvent and solvent coating compared with organic solvent, water chemistry H ₂ O has a significantly different properties: a water than rich in organic solvent a lot;Water safety, no harm to the human body, no pollution to the environment.The volatile matter of sanshui is water vapor, which will neither increase VOC to produce harmful air pollutants, nor produce atmospheric reaction under the action of light and oxygen, causing secondary air pollution;Four water is non-combustible, unlike solvent - based color paste and solvent - based paint, is flammable, so no matter whether the paint transport, storage and construction are greater safety risks.Water costs less than organic solvents.

The water used in water-based color paste and water-based paint is deionized water obtained after special treatment.The basic requirement of deionized water is clean and free of mechanical impurities.The presence of calcium and magnesium plasma in ordinary water can affect the stability of the paint solution and bath paint in electrophoretic paints (especially in bathing suits).Ordinary water also contains bacteria, which will affect the quality stability of coating products.Water is a polar solvent, in water-based printing ink and coating formulation, must with the aid of emulsifying agent and dispersant, because of heavy water surface tension and volatile slow, also or adding organic solvent to reduce the surface tension, in order to improve the speed of volatile, but if adding organic solvent, the corresponding increase the product the toxicity and pollution to the environment of human body, this is the important indicators of water-based printing ink and water-based coatings.

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