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There is no more detailed water-based paint thickener than I wrote!


Many people think that water-based paint thickeners are only for the purpose of reducing costs. Actually, thickeners can make articles thicker, but definitely not to reduce costs. In the production of water-based paints, the viscosity of the emulsion will not be thick. Stable, not conducive to dispersion, and then lead to too low viscosity after coating, thick film sag is serious, so it is very necessary to put thickener in the production or use of water-based paint, but how to choose how to purchase Water-based Paint Thickener, let Quanxu company Xiaobian tell everyone about it!

What is the role of thickeners in coatings?
One is to directly increase the overall viscosity of the paint, just like adding more in a class, such as a conventional non-associative thickener, and the other is to connect the ingredients inside the paint, just like the whole class. The hands of the classmates are brought up, such as the hydrophobically modified cellulose ether.

What are the hazards of water-based paints that are not thick enough?
1. The emulsion viscosity in the production process is unstable, which is not conducive to dispersion;
2. During storage, the viscosity is too low, causing the dispersed particles to sink and stratification, which has adverse effects on the can opening effect;
3. The viscosity of the construction process is unstable, the thixotropic property is not good, and the leveling property of the coating film is affected;
4. After brushing, the viscosity is too low, the thick film sag is serious, and the roll is splashed.

How to choose a water-based paint thickener?
1. Thickener thickening efficiency is high;
2. Good compatibility with coatings, no delamination;
3. The viscosity is stable, the storage is stable, and it is not affected by the pH value;
4. Adding thickening dose moderately, good thixotropy, does not affect the leveling performance of the coating, and will not cause brush marks or roll marks;
5. Adding thickener does not affect the characteristics of the product itself, water resistance, scrub resistance, etc.;
6. Adding thickener is easy to disperse, no flocculation, particles, etc.;
7. Adding thickener will not accelerate the mildew of the coating;
8. The viscosity of the thickening can exhibit the corresponding viscosity with the shear force.

The thickener products of Quanxu Technology Co., Ltd. are delivered in strict accordance with industry standards, and provide solutions with professional technology. Welcome to inquire!

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