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The main forms of heat exchanger are briefly described


Expansion and expansion is the main form of connection between copper heat exchanger and steel tube plate in the process of heat exchanger manufacturing.The quality of expansion port is related to radial clearance, surface roughness and expansion rate of heat exchange tube and tube plate.In order to obtain a good and stable expansion joint quality, it is necessary to strictly control the machining accuracy of the tube plate, correctly select the tube expander, tube expansion power and control means, to ensure the proper expansion degree and take a reasonable expansion sequence.Nevertheless, leakage and leakage problems still occur frequently during pressure tests and require further repair.In addition, similar problems will occur in the operating cycle of the equipment, which will bring certain troubles to users and manufacturers.Steel tube plate connected to the copper heat exchange tube expanding new craft glue, glue easily by the new technology of application effect in view of the steel tube heat exchanger tube plate connected to the copper heat exchange tube leakage and the leakage problems, often appear when manufacturers in producing this kind of heat exchanger, a heat exchanger, from the perspective of the connector type, using the rubber easily pick up the new process.The new technology has been continuously improved through many simulated process tests and pressure tests, and finally successfully applied in the production process of connecting steel tube plate and copper heat exchange pipe of shell heat exchanger.After the quality tracking of this kind of heat exchanger equipment, there is no leakage and leakage quality problem during the operation period of the heat exchanger, so that the new process of rubber expansion has been recognized by the users.1) anneal the range of 200230mm at both ends of the copper tube for about 600 hours, and hold it for 1015min. After taking it out, wrap it with asbestos and cool it slowly.2) finish the surface treatment of the bonded parts.First degreasing treatment to remove grease, dirt, etc.Sand paper (or gauze) is used to polish the connection surface to remove the oxide and increase the surface roughness.3) correct choice of adhesive according to the working conditions of the bonded parts.Epoxy resin adhesive is selected according to the working temperature of the heat exchanger.The weight of each component should be accurate, the order of preparation should be reasonable, and it should be used up in the specified time.

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