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Teflon electrical insulation and chemical performance, Teflon sealing performance


Teflon's various profiles and parts, such as bars, tubes, films, bearings, gaskets, valves, etc., are widely used in machinery, chemical, aerospace, electrical and electronics, defense industry, cutting-edge technology, medical and electrical insulation, etc. field.

Electrical insulation and chemical properties of teflon

Teflon PTFE has good electrical insulation properties.It has very high resistivity, very low dielectric loss, and because teflon PTFE does not adsorb and absorb water vapor (it does not absorb water and is not infiltrated by water), the surface resistivity is very high even at 100% relative humidity.This property and its flashover resistance make teflon PTFE especially suitable for all kinds of situations requiring insulation.Teflon PTFE is chemically stable, better than any other elastomer.It does not react with all known acids and bases, including the three strong acids and hydrofluoric acids.Teflon PTFE is impervious to moisture and does not dissolve in any known solvent (but can dissolve in molten alkali metals).PTFE is non-flammable and non-toxic, releasing toxic gases only when heated at temperatures above 400 ° c.Due to the inactivity of teflon PTFE, it can only be bonded by special methods.Attention should be paid to the highest working temperature of the adhesive when bonding.Teflon PTFE can be used for high speed cutting with ordinary cutting tools.Different feeding materials (such as graphite, glass fiber, copper powder, etc.) are added in the sintering process of teflon PTFE to obtain modified teflon PTFE, mainly to improve its mechanical and thermal properties.In vacuum technology, teflon PTFE can be used as sealing gaskets, permanent or mobile seals for introduction devices, insulating elements and low-friction motion elements.The application temperature range of teflon PTFE is -50 ~ 200℃, and its maximum operating temperature can reach 250℃.

The sealing performance of teflon

Teflon is generally used in corrosion-resistant pipelines, containers, pumps, valves and radars, high-frequency communication equipment, radio equipment and so on.Teflon packing, teflon ring, teflon gasket and teflon packing root are widely used in all kinds of anticorrosive pipeline flange sealing.Non - corrosive rubber mat or asbestos mat.Polishing is generally suitable for hard materials, but for teflon, because it is soft and self-lubricating, the polishing effect is not obvious.It is suggested to set the feed amount and revolution number when turning, and get a better surface roughness.Sealing performance depends on the efficiency and performance of the whole machine equipment has a great impact.Teflon material has corrosion resistance, aging resistance, low friction coefficient and viscosity, and a wide range of heat and elastic properties making it ideal for the manufacture of seals requiring high corrosion resistance and temperatures above 100℃.Such as machine, heat exchanger, pressure vessel, large diameter flange seal container, valve, channel pump, glass reactor, plane flange, large diameter flange seal, shaft, piston rod, valve stem, worm gear pump, piston rod seal, and so on.

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