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Some functions of additives in powder coatings


The color is colorful and diverse, coloring tools are also very much, for this many people are clear, not the same color, for the material workpiece is very important, powder coating production technology, additives are also very important.

1. Compatibility between powder coating additives and resin

This is the choice of auxiliaries should be given priority attention to the problem, auxiliaries must be long-term stability in the powder coating, in order to play its due effectiveness.So the general use of additives to epoxy, polyester, acrylic and other resins have good compatibility.So powder coating additives are usually compared with resin compatibility, the method used is based on their structural similarity.

For example, the choice of leveling agent is divided into a carrier, a carrier is not.If the carrier has e-12 as the carrier can not be used in the formulation of the pure polyester system.In addition, the commonly used B68 chemical Matting Agent is only suitable for epoxy systems, but for other systems, which will not only lose its due effect, but also bring negative effects to the coating film.

2. Adaptability of powder coating additives to production process

Some powder coating additives in formula design, due to the harsh production conditions, may be high temperature, low temperature, high speed shear, and so on, resulting in powder coating additives decomposition, evaporation and failure, resulting in formula failure.If some decorative pattern powder coating auxiliary agent, can not be extruded by the extruder together with the base material, but later added to the finished product powder, only in this way can show its due pattern, because in the process of extrusion melting, decorative pattern assistant has been pre-reaction completed, resulting in the appearance of no pattern in the film.

3. Versatility of powder coating additives in powder coating

Some powder coating additives in addition to the main role, but also double or multiple functions.Therefore, the formulation must be designed with a combination of considerations, such as blending dosage or simplified formulation.

Such as zinc oxide is a kind of common chemicals, it can replace part of titanium dioxide as a white pigment, at the same time has a certain electrical conductivity, applied to need antistatic or conductive occasions, also has the function of shielding ultraviolet especially in microns (240 ~ 380) range of UV light has better protective ability, it also has, of course, mouldproof, sterilization effect, improve the performance of coatings on the resin containing carboxyl group, etc.Again, such as PTFE micro powder added in powder coatings can improve coating adhesion and lubrication, reduce friction coefficient and improve wear resistance, improve the corrosion resistance and reduce the absorption of moisture, improve the coating spray casting performance, improve the critical film thickness and to improve its thermal formability, content is in commonly 5 ‰ ~ 3% would be sufficient, meet the needs of the industrial development of coating industry.It can be seen that the choice of an effective agent is to fully understand its various functions.

Powder coating additives have a certain impact on the performance of powder coating, and after some necessary process, from which can find the performance of the additives, show the effect of good.

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