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Medical laser film inspection film should pay attention to which point!


Once you have the film, you do a simple check of the Medical Film to see the quantity, fit, color, composition, and so on to meet the customer's needs.

1. The quantity of film meets the requirements: before using medical film, the quantity and requirements of film should be verified, usually including monochrome film, four-color film, spot color film and full-back film.

2. Whether there is any error in film binding: first, it is necessary to make sure that the quantity of film meets the requirements, and then check the medical film binding. Under normal conditions, one film with a large area of color is used as the benchmark on the plate board, and the other three films are covered.Words, lines, and pictures cannot have double shadows at the edges.

3. The color of each film needs to be identified: some films are colored with CMYK, while some medical films do not have color labels. Without color labels, the color blocks on the film can be identified by comparing with the color blocks on the colorful manuscripts, and marked with oil-based pens.If the film in question needs to be rearranged from the beginning, please pay attention to the difference between the second rearrangement and the first rearrangement.

4. Check whether the film scale meets the requirements: check the film scale according to the work order. When output the medical film, add all the center line, cover line and cutting line.If there is a sample, it should be done according to the product requirements;If there is no sample sheet, do according to the product scale requirements.In the process of doing, the relevant measures must be checked one by one.Handbag, envelope or medicine box and other informal size, but also to carefully check whether there is no adhesive, folding, box bottom, bleeding, white edge left enough.Finally, check whether the film scale plus bite scale can print properly.

5. It is also important to view the collage method.There are usually self - copying, large - scale and large - scale.What kind of layout according to the actual situation to determine, since the copy and set should be symmetrical with the middle line, the middle line to the two ends of the space to be equal, this is very important.Collage direction is about relative weight, the big set is back cover error should be within 1l, the corresponding line can be on.

6. Check the layout and text content after correct collage.Check the customer to change the place is not changed, and then check the layout and content is the same with the original, to prevent mistakes again;The position of the Mosaic must be accurate, the content can be connected.Do not appear, the text content does not meet the requirements, or the text content location is not correct.

7 if only color spray without proofing plastic cloth, to check four *** with film color version of color is not the same as color spray draft separation, color spray draft color should correspond to the corresponding film.

8. If it is a hair row or change the hair row, use the new medical film and the old film color version one by one to check, the local changes have been changed or color density or dot percentage has not changed, the old and new film with oil-based marker.

9. If you cannot determine whether the density of the film can meet the printing needs, use a densitometer to detect the film, photographic arrangement of more than 3.4, electrical distribution of more than 3.8.

10. If there are any changes to the whole medical film after viewing, *** should be marked clearly with a bright pen.

11 products line within the remaining corner line must be eliminated.

12. We need to pay attention to the above, avoid as much as possible to avoid, so as to save time, improve the production speed.13. Generally, customers are required to make samples. After the samples are issued, many questions can be found, and then the problems can be solved according to the problems.

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