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Introduction of electrostatic powder spraying technology


Powder coating is a new technology in the field of modern coating industry, and it is also one of the new technologies mainly promoted in China.Powder coating is a coating method with high protection and high decoration. In order to get a satisfactory coating effect, it is necessary to control the factors influencing the coating effect.As the operation of powder coating construction personnel, if the coating process easy to produce the knowledge of the disease is not enough, will not be able to produce qualified products or a problem on hand, do not know how to start.

~Advantages of powder coating

Powder coating is a kind of new coating material without liquid solvent and diluent. Because of its high decoration, heavy corrosion resistance, recyclable powder, no organic solvent pollution to the environment and other characteristics, it has a wide application space.
Compared with traditional paint construction, powder paint construction has the following advantages:

1. Powder coating is a kind of solvent-free coating, which determines that it is not necessary to dissolve the main film-forming substances and auxiliary film-forming substances, fillers and pigments in organic solvents, and solves the problem that some polymer film-forming substances that cannot be dissolved in organic solvents can be used as coatings. However, many polymer materials that are difficult to be dissolved by solvent are the backbone of anticorrosive and decorative coatings.
2. Powder coating does not contain volatile organic solvents and is not easy to burn and explode. As long as dust is prevented from accumulating too much, the hidden danger of fire and explosion can be solved. However, flammable solvent coating such as paint can not overcome this problem.
3. Because the powder coating itself does not contain organic solvent, and there is no pungent smell in the process of construction operation and pulverizing, it can not only prevent the environment from being polluted and damaged, but also greatly benefit the physical and mental health of the operator himself.

4. The utilization rate of liquid paint is only 50% - 60%. However, the primary powder rate of the powder coating is about 70% - 80% (affected by the shape of the workpiece and other factors), and the other powder can be recycled again, with the utilization rate of 90% - 98%.
5. 30% - 50% diluent must be added in the construction process of liquid paint, and the function of these diluents is only to adjust the viscosity, not the necessary component to solidify into film, and volatilize during the recycling process. It not only pollutes the environment, but also does a lot of idle work, wastes raw materials, and raises production cost. In the process of powder coating construction, there is no need for such diluent at all.
6. The thickness of liquid paint is generally 15-30 μ m, while that of powder paint can reach 60-150 μ m at a time, which can reach the required thickness at a time and reduce labor intensity, so it is suitable for automatic production line operation.
7. The appearance of powder coating after curing is high fullness and soft color, which makes the appearance effect of liquid paint after curing unparalleled.
8. Because the powder coating does not contain solvent, it is not easy to form pinholes and bubbles in the curing process, while the liquid coating is easy to form pinholes and bubbles in the curing process due to the presence of volatile solvent and diluent.
9. The powder coating is convenient for transportation, without leakage and volatilization, while the liquid coating is inconvenient for transportation, easy to leak and volatilization, even combustion and explosion.
10. The powder coating has good anticorrosion and decoration, low comprehensive production cost, and the liquid paint can not be compared with it.

Because of the advantages that many liquid coatings do not have, powder coatings have been flourishing and flourishing in China in the past 20 years. But from a scientific point of view, everything has its advantages and disadvantages. In the process of using powder coating, there are still some shortcomings, such as difficult color change, complex production equipment, high temperature curing and so on. This is just the problem that the majority of colleagues engaged in coating industry need to overcome through continuous efforts.
Powder coating has only been used in industry and production for more than 20 years in China. At present, it has become mature in production process and construction application. In the late 1980s, there was a "powder heat" at home and abroad. Especially in China, the annual growth rate of powder coatings in recent years has exceeded 25%, which is rare in the history of coatings. Due to its early start and good foundation, foreign advanced industrial countries are growing at an annual growth rate of 10-15%. In comparison, China has a broad market demand. At present, the products in the market, ranging from refrigerators, washing machines, anti-theft doors to hardware products, all have a source of confusion with electrostatic powder spraying. This is enough to predict the bright future of powder coating industry in China.

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