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Inkjet picture stitching knowledge


A lot of printing companies may have encountered such a thing: the actual size of the picture is not consistent with the planned size. It may be a little longer or a little shorter.If it is a single picture, the problem is not big, but if it is a splicing picture, it is more difficult, because the length of the splicing is not the same.Small make up here for you to introduce some picture Mosaic knowledge.

First of all, the size of machine tension should be the same in the picture of jet painting splicing, because the tension is different, the step value will be different, it is recommended to open to the maximum, so that better control, error is relatively small.

The second is to remember, the printing workshop and equipment heating plate temperature must be constant.If the temperature of the first picture is different from the temperature of the next picture, the size of the picture you spray out is definitely different, because the lamp box cloth changes with the temperature, its flexibility also changes, the higher the temperature, the bigger the picture error.

Also, if your machine is typed picture than the original plan long or short (this value generally constant), such as every time is 1 m images of gush out is 1.01 m, so you can also do RIP or electronic file minus the (and) is added to the figures, so overflowing picture length should be no problem.

In addition, now domestic small equipment generally do not have tension roller, cloth mainly by stepper motor, due to the small contact between the cloth roller and cloth, resulting in uneven cloth, which should also be worth noting. Finally, the fabric.Different cloth, its thickness, toughness and structure are different, so the tension, temperature, step value and so on some Settings are different, this degree, you need to control.

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