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How to identify canvas in life


Oil canvas is an important part of oil painting, it is a carrier of oil painting content, so the good or bad oil canvas will directly affect the effect of the whole oil painting printing, so how to identify oil canvas when buying oil painting in life, the following small make up together to see!

Introduction to canvas

Oil canvas is the coating base that prevents oil, solvent, water and so on to permeate on specific cloth base material, the cloth that USES to draw oil canvas kind, in addition, the coating cloth that USES to inkjet, photograph, indoor and outdoor advertisement and lamp box also is called oil canvas, how should that identify oil canvas, specific as follows.


Oil canvas linen

Flax high strength, small elongation, corrosion, and not easy to mildew, fast moisture, dirt resistance, and linens, dimension stability, save the time is long, is one of the traditional fine canvas base material, and according to different producing hemp method has yellow water hemp and caesious rain ma two, coarse linen texture, feather, so it's not suitable for print.

cotton canvas

Tightly knit cotton canvas is often used as canvas in the period when fabric is not easy to get, but because of its easy mildew, easy corrosion, and damp dry and other shortcomings also make printing feel very inconvenient, cotton for inkjet canvas, texture is very good.

rain dew sesame oil canvas

Rain-dew flax is a kind of high-quality flax planted and produced in Holland, France, Belgium and other western European regions. After the flax seedlings are ripe and harvested, they are rolled into bundles and placed in the field. The wood in the center of the flax stems is decayed through rain, wind and frost.

blended canvas

Blended oil canvas is made of flax cotton flax offal and cotton are blended and become, its outward appearance is pale belt sallow, without luster, be full of the small dot of dense black, brown, brown, strong low, easy flabby, it is the cloth that just appears in recent years, quality is coarser, price is low.

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