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Can superfine silica be used in leather coatings?


Can superfine silica be used in leather coatings?

The so-called extinction, also known as matte light, is the physical uniformity and dispersion of small nano particles in the system, zinc stearate when the light after a period, by these small particles attack continuous reflection, the so-called total reflection, so that the light can not be emitted, so that the appearance looks dark, dull.The action of ultrafine silica depends on the slack strength to a large extent.Arrive good slack effect can choose the rotor must be slack or ball mo machine, three roller machine slack, ultrasonic slack equipment.Slack method and slack equipment selection depends on the consistency of the system.Sometimes it is advisable to use some liquid or some formula material to disperse all the ultrafine silica, and then join the rest of the liquid and other formula materials to adjust the ultrafine silica content to reach the formula requirement.In principle, silica is added with the reduction of the fundamental particle size. However, with the addition of particle fineness, higher shear force is required to reach its thickening effect .

Leather finishing agent is Polyurethane system, there are two kinds of high gloss (light) and matte, usually according to the light and matte according to a certain ratio of conditioning requirements of gloss, gas silica matte finishing agent to play the role of matte matte matte powder.Due to the serious proportion of the deposited mute powder, it simply presents the sedimentary appearance in the polyurethane system, and independently applies the matting powder ts-100 and tt-600 of degasse gas phase method or toyama fm-14 of Japan, etc. The matting effect can be applied and the deposition appearance can be processed, but the cost is high.At this time, Germany wacke N20 (hydrophilic, 200 square meters/g, uniform particle size 12 nanometers, can reach the effect of dimming, reduce the cost together, N20 also plays the role of sedimentation prevention, more importantly, N20 will not reduce the gorgeous degree and fullness.Wacker N20 leather coating this industry has been widely used, the first spread of leather coating in jiangsu, zhejiang, fujian and other three provinces.

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